Dear Parents,


We want to begin by thanking you for not only allowing your child to attend our youth group, but also for taking time out of your busy schedule to drop them off, remind them of events, and for praying for us.


We are a Bible-focused Youth Group intent on teaching the foundations needed for a lifelong relationship with Jesus. Our mission is to help your child understand the foundations of faith and Jesus, and, once they make the dicision to become a Disciple of Christ, guide them in a way that is Holy and acceptable in Christ.


As a parent, you are responsible for your child’s spiritual foundation; we're just here to guide and help. In order to do this, we pledge to keep you informed of the schedules, outings, lessons and anything we feel is neccessary along the way. Our reason for providing you with an outline of the lessons is to give you the ability to reinforce what is learned at home.  Your child’s spiritual journey starts at home and we want to make sure we are teaching and engaging your children to your expectations.  


Throughout any given year, we plan on taking a few outings.  We don’t expect anything to come up but just in case, we want to make sure we are prepared by having the emergency contact form on hand. You can find an online form here, as well as just asking for one.  


We want you to feel as though you may contact us at any time for any reason.  Please keep our contact information on hand and consider us your family.



Raven King & Lora Ferrell